Masterclasses, coaching and open rehearsals

This year, in collaboration with the Pimlott Foundation, we are offering the chance to have one-to-one tuition from some of the inspiring musicians playing at the festival.

The classes are open to anyone of grade 7 and above. There is no age limit and we would be delighted if a large age range was represented. We encourage you to bring pre-formed chamber groups to any of the sessions.

Open rehearsal 4-6pm Tuesday 4th October

Matthew Hunt and the Engegård quartet

Clarinet coaching 4-6pm Wednesday 5th October

Matthew Hunt

Chamber music coaching 4-6pm Thursday 6th October

Engegård quartet

Piano coaching 4-6pm Friday 7th Oct

Tim Horton

Old House Barn, Gt Horkesley CO6 4EQ

The coaching costs £10 per half an hour, and each 2-hour session or part of a session costs £5 to listen to. An accompanist will be provided as part of this fee.

Please contact Zelie Jopling on 01206 729 356 or by email (click on the link) if you would like to find out more. This is the first time we have offered this kind of event so please let us know what you would like to see.